Infinitus Company Limited, established in 1992, is a member of the Health Products Group.That can be the large scale of the Hongkong funded business company focus on developed and creating and the provider Chinese products of the herbal health within “Infinite” at the brand of the primary .the business company has the creating the best high-quality Chinese products of herbal health in the fifth series in the market having the sixth branded and the established of all branches and all of these service centers with the 5000 having store in exclusive in china.

Infinitus is affiliated with the centuries-old ethnic company Lee KumKee and undertakes Lee KumKee’s second mission to “advocate for the highest-quality Chinese health regime and promote healthier lives with balance, wealth and harmony.” The other three members of Infinitus Company Limited, Infinitus International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.In the infinite international business company limited.

In the infinite under headquartered in china and the infinite make two items basic in that business company is investing in the items based made more than 499+ million USD with the basic of the ideas is 200000 meters in it and these scale of yingkou items, ideas of base items are 350000 meters with the investment of totally of ideas in USD 200 million for the particular phase and the all process is complete in 2014.

The high quality of herbal health items is committed to providing to the publically and in the infinite is ten millions of the USD dollar on the research and developments and technically improved by the process is working closely with the help of china medical university and the university of science and technology of hongkong and the institute of Chinese of the academy of medical science in the university of Beijing in business and technology and all over research organization at the home and abroad that company is on the independent scientific technology and core private properties right and leads of the technology of the compounds of polysaccharides.

With their pursuit of strict quality control and R&D innovations, Infinitus’ products and brand have gained recognition from all sectors of society, creating an increasingly strong and reliable corporate image “National High-Tech Enterprise “with its 64 products accredited as” Guangdong High-Tech Products “. in which place is safe in china for food safety conference in the infinite has to honor is consecutive years with the title of the national food of safety demonstration units of the others infinite items section china has accredited by national accreditation servers for the conformity assign in the united kingdom in 2012.

The health of the philosophy

In the infinite making a unique health philosophy that can originate the following 2000 years of the old chines health remark that can be promoting the health in living through care for the life-changing and guaranteed vitality. That ca be detailed content of the philosophy is following the Nutrition of life and guarantee of vitality Three forms of nutrition and restoration of life:

Nutrition and restorations of vitality Qi, Yin,, and Yang, and Zang-Fu

Four habits: diet, rest, exercise and emotion.

– Maintain a rational diet (balanced structure, on time and the right portion, moderate temperature)

– Maintain rational rest (scientific sleep, balanced work and rest, regular lifestyle)

– Maintain rational exercise (regular sports, a personalized plan, constant practice)

– Keep rational emotion (peaceful heart, good interests, good habits)


+ Healthy life Tri-Balance:

The balance of health, family and business Tri-influx:

The wealth of time, wealth and spiritual life Tri-Harmony:

The harmony between individual, community, and society.

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