Lifestyle Connections Review

Lifestyle Connections Review: One Month of Access to Savings

Lifestyle Connections does not provide information on its website about who owns or owns the business. The Lifestyle Connection product, a savings platform called the Lifestyle Savings Network, first appeared in MLM as part of our reviews. Television was the successor to the two that had access to pirated content. All of these companies are owned and operated. Lifestyle Connections is marketed as “powered by Global”, presumably owned by another company. It is not clear why this information is provided on the Lifestyle Connections website. Read on for a complete review of the Lifestyle Connection MLM opportunity.

Lifestyle Connections Product

Lifestyle Connections markets access to Lifestyle Savings, a savings subscription, and cashback network. The Lifestyle Savings Network site and app are easy to use. Just search and save. Search codes to find deals around you. The Lifestyles network appears to be powered by a third party, although it has not yet been revealed on the Lifestyles Connection website. Along with a Lifestyle Savings Network subscription is a “personal financial management system”. Interestingly, Lifestyle Connection does not provide any information about this service. Access to Lifestyle Savings retail sales for one month. In addition to that, there is a telemedicine healthcare service called Verities. Verities marketing material reveals a “medical cost-sharing plan” provided by The Kari’s Group. Access to Verities costs an additional $ 19.99 per month.

Lifestyle Connections Compensation Plan

Lifestyle Connections volume on compensation payments generated by Lifestyle Savings subscriptions sold to recruited retail and affiliate customers.

The Verities service is supposed to be included in the Lifestyle Connections compensation plan, however, it is not mentioned in the official documentation.

Affiliate Ranges of Lifestyle Connections

There are ten ranks of affiliates within the Lifestyle Connections compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Independent Business Partner – Register as an Affiliate of Lifestyle Connections
  • Junior executive: generates and maintains 150 GV per month or recruits and maintains an affiliate
  • Executive: generates and maintains 1500 GV per month
  • Senior executive: generates and maintains 2,500 GV per month
  • Regional: generate and maintain 5000 GV per month
  • National: generate and maintain 10,000 GV per month
  • International: generate and maintain 20,000 GV per month
  • 1 star: generates and maintains 50,000 GV per month
  • 2 stars: generates and maintains 100,000 GV per month
  • 3 stars: generates and maintains 200,000 GV per month

GV stands for “Group Volume” and is a sales volume generated by Lifestyle Savings subscriptions.

  • A retail subscription generates 15 GV per month
  • A-Pro affiliate subscription generates 40 GV per month
  • A-Pro Plus affiliate subscription generates 60 GV per month

Please note that no more than 75% of the required GV can come from a non-level team leg.

Retail commissions

Lifestyle Connections pays commissions for selling Lifestyle Savings subscriptions to retail customers. These commissions are paid through a uni-level compensation structure. A one-tier compensation structure places an affiliate on top of the one-tier team, with each personally recruited affiliate placed directly below them.

If any of the Level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed in Level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team. If any level 2 affiliate recruits new affiliates, they are placed at level 3 and so on up to an infinite theoretical number of levels.

Lifestyle Connections limits retail level payable commissions to four levels.

  • Level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – $ 10
  • Level 2 – $ 3

Levels 3 and 4 – $ 1

Please note that these commissions are monthly recurring, as long as a retail customer maintains their Lifestyle Savings subscription.

Initial recruitment fees

Lifestyle Connections pays affiliates to recruit new affiliates. Recruitment commissions are paid using the same unilevel equipment as retail commissions (see above). Lifestyle Connections has two membership options, Pro and Pro Plus. Recruitment commissions are based on whether a recruiting affiliate opts for a Pro or Pro Plus membership, as well as the membership the recruiting affiliate enrolled in.

Residual recruitment fees

Residual recruiting commissions are paid again using a unilevel compensation structure. This is the volume generated by downline membership fee payments after the first month. At tier one (personally recruited affiliates), Pro Lifestyle Connections affiliates receive $ 12.50 for each Pro and Pro Plus affiliate recruited. Pro Plus affiliates receive $ 12.50 per recruited Pro affiliate and $ 15 for Pro Plus. Residual recruitment commissions below detail levels two through nine for the single-level team.

  • Junior executives earn 5% at levels 2 and 3
  • Executives earn 5% at levels 2 to 4
  • Senior executives earn 5% at levels 2 to 5
  • Regional to international earn 5% at levels 2 to 6
  • 1 Star gains 5% at levels 2 to 6 and 2.5% at level 7
  • 2 stars earn 5% at levels 2 to 6 and 2.5% at levels 7 and 8
  • 3 stars earn 5% at levels 2 to 6 and 2.5% at levels 7 to 9

Matching bonus

Lifestyle Connections pays a matching bonus on residual downline commissions.

The corresponding bonus is paid through the single-level team, with a limit of five recruitment levels.

  • recruit and maintain two affiliates and personally generate 80 PV per month: 20% match at level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • recruit and maintain three affiliates and personally generate 160 PV per month: 20% match at level 1 and 5% match at level 2
  • Recruit and maintain four affiliates and personally generate 240 PV per month: 20% match at Level 1 and 5% at Level 2 and 3

affiliates get 20% match at level 1 and 10% match at levels 2 to 5

PV stands for “Personal Volume” and is the sales volume generated by an affiliate’s own sales to retail customers and recruited affiliates.

Infinite Bonus

The Infinite Bonus expands single-level team volume commissions beyond nine levels. The Infinity Bonus is paid out on the volume of the equipment of a level, until another affiliate in his rank is in a branch of a level. This affiliate closes the first generation for that section, and the second begins immediately afterward. If there is a second rank equal to the deepest affiliate in the leg, they will complete the second generation. The third generation begins after them. If no such affiliate exists, the second generation spans the entire depth of the leg. The same goes for the first and third-generation if there is no deeper affiliate to close.

Using this generational structure, the Lifestyle Connections affiliate can earn the Infinite Bonus in up to three generations per single-level team branch.

  • Regionals earn 0.5% infinite bonus on up to one generation
  • Nationals earn 0.5% infinite bonus on up to two generations
  • Internationals and above earn 0.5% infinite bonus on up to three generations

Rank Achievement Bonus

Lifestyle Connections rewards members for qualifying in regional and higher ranks with the following bonuses:

  • qualify as Regional and receive $ 100
  • qualify as a national and receive $ 250
  • qualify as international and receive $ 500
  • qualify as 1 star and receive $ 1000
  • qualify as 2 stars and receive $ 2000

Please note that Ruby and the Higher Rank Achievement Bonuses are paid for twelve months.

The range must be maintained during these twelve months.

Lifestyle bonuses

The Lifestyle Bonus is a monthly bonus calculated on the raw downline and retail customer numbers.

  • maintain 5000 downline retail customers and subscribers and receive $ 5000 per month
  • maintain 10,000 retail customers and downline subscribers and receive $ 10,000 per month
  • maintain 20,000 downline retail customers and subscribers and receive $ 20,000 per month

Please note that for the $ 5000 bonus, no more than 50% of counted subscribers can come from a single-tier with no tier.

For the other two bonuses, the maximum leg criterion is reduced to 25%.

Join lifestyle connections

Lifestyle Connections affiliate membership starts at $59.95 a month.

Exact pricing is not provided on the Lifestyle Connections website.



We’re in the era of free apps that share their commissions with users. In that environment, dropping $468 annually just to access savings makes little sense.

This places a big question mark on Lifestyle Savings’ retail viability.

Even if you take into account the advertised exclusivity of some of the offers, you’re still looking at having to make back almost $500 a year just to break even.

If, as I suspect, Lifestyle Savings has little to no retail pickup, you’re looking at affiliates being primary subscribers.

If this is the case, Lifestyle Connections is operating as a pyramid scheme.

Supporting this is retail commissions capping out at four levels. Recruitment commissions range from six to nine levels.

It’s pretty clear where the intended focus is.

As a Lifestyle Connections affiliate, if you’re going to be focused on recruitment over retail that’s not sustainable.

Commissions will dry up once recruitment slows down, eventually leaving you out of pocket.

Bit ironic seeing as you’re supposed to be saving money with Lifestyle Savings.



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