Welcome to the Ori-flame business company is a beauty company like more than 40 years we have the already allow to the people person from the all over the world to the program that can be their beauty and fulfill their dreams and we can create and offer high-quality and safe trend-driven items for the beauty lovers and the unique chance to be section of a worldwide beauty nation.


Beauty for Norway


As a beauty mark, we believe that when you look and feeling best you have the chance to reach your full possible and together with a fervent and encouraging worldwide village and anything is potential. That is a beauty business from a Swedish vision.


Join our beauty to become a private beauty consultant


Our business company offers you the chance to can be become a part of the beauty business industry by propose and sell our high-quality beauty items to create in the company. With us, you can earn the money from day one making a business company and earning the chance to move the world or global with us and Join us and our worldwide community of like-minded beauty lovers.


Get Start


In which this business company is a new broker and you will a more experienced Consultant as a coach, who will guide and assist you. You can also select to buy some proposed items to get started such as catalogs and samples or demo products of items to show others or orient yourself with our items case. Your Consultant will explain it in more detail.


Earning money?


There are two ways to earn money with the Ori-flame business company. As a sales broker are you can order product items and at a reduced price to sell to clients at the listed amount and Besides you can invite others to join Ori-flame as well as form a team member of people selling products of items and earning advanced income.




In which the Beauty is bigger to that can be than the way of your looking and it’s about the way you act. Beauty is being truly confirmed used to yourself and caring for those around to you therefore that can be used it’s about multilevel making changes in your life that help make the worldwide more unique.




We are fervent about your fulfilling sleep and creating a chance for that people to improved their lives and We bring the beauty and well-being to many people and we respect people are nature every step of the way. Now we party that people of the Ori-flame village who act wonderfully and by share their stories inspire others to do the same to the same.


Together, we have the passion and the spirit to make a difference, and when we put our hearts to something, there is no limit to what we can do. There is nothing more beautiful.


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