Welcome to the Shin-sei business company that can create these thinks As an innovator in the toy-making business company in India and we can invariable getting entered and creativity in the creating of our products of items with our state-of-the-art making station, making playtime an improve experience for little one points.


Shin-sei business company is Industries of fundamental history in it that can be dated back to the era in life when the toy business company is in the industry in India was in its infancy and best, the sector was completely ended, and the economy was still almost a year away from the command policy of easing, nationalization, and Globalization in it and There were very few toy company brands available on the markets that afforded able only to the medium class but did not fit into the pockets and small carriage of most Indian families, and playing with toys was still a distant dream for many small children. It was at this time that a flower bud young entrepreneur was considering various business company alternatives and finding that the idea of ​​venturing into the toy business industry of the company was extremely challenging and profitable.


Desk Founders 


Shin-sei business of toy company is were founded by a vision lead, Mr. Vijay Kureja, and It started with a small business of toy store in Mumbai in 1971 and at this time was on a journey to test the waters of the business toy industry. He soon sees that these toy business industry in India is high level disorganized and has huge potential to grow in the years to come that is a very good level for growing a business. Commercial insight into it analyzed the large gap between quality-backed demand for affordable toys and the prevailing supply of toys on the market. He imagined that good quality toys were accessible to all Indian households with children at affordable prices. And with the help of this modest vision, in 1985, they cooperate with a Japanese company in these to ally and that can be Shin-sei business company Industries was born with the help of Mr. Manish Kerja and they can be joined the organization as director and mastered the ideas of the trading. Being from an engineering backbone and that can be these focused even more on new toy design and making methods to make it more request to the tastes and preferences of today’s era audience. These all knowledge and backed by a technical background of Mr. M. Kureja was selected as President by The All India Toys business company Manufacturers Association and has been entered with the solution of leading the toy business industry with the Make team members. in India Vision and Liaison with government agencies to ensure the proper functioning of the organization.


The strong and dynamic leadership of Mr. V. Kureja and Mr. M. Kureja has helped the organization build a strong network of more than 100 distributors and has resulted in the availability of toys in more than 10,000 stores across India. Over the years, with the constant support and motivation of all stakeholders, the organization expanded its manufacturing base and started a subsidiary in 2003 under the name of Min Toy Pvt ltd. Today, Shin-sei Industries and Min manufacture toys and export high-quality toys to multiple countries on the Asian continent.


Shin-sei product


There have many types of toy products and that are uses to we have forged a unique in making high-quality easily toy business company vehicles in two categories namely and Pull Back Toys for small children be to the age group of two or three years and up. In both categories, we make a wide range of toys that are an all-time favorite with children.


Pull Back Toys: air transport (planes and helicopters), road transport (public and private), maritime transport, agricultural equipment.


Toys on wheels: air transport (planes and helicopters), road transport (public and private), maritime transport, agricultural equipment.


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