Vivint helps families live smarter in safer, smarter homes. And we can do these smart houses is leading the smart business company of North America and we can making simple steps of affordable homes. And these have many offer it these offers are it can integrate a security smart home system in it and the second one is the consultation of homes in the company and that can be a professional installation in these steps we will be available for 24/7 hours and monitoring and supporting while clients.


At Vivint, we believe in that kinds of the home is everything and we can explain It’s where kids grow up to the dinner speech are held upon a time these birthdays are celebrating, and memories are making in it. The home must be enjoyed, and that is what drives us. And the home or house is so important our mission is to create it safer and more comfortable able in it and more accessible.


Choose Vivint.


The Vivint is making from the Latin word Vivint which means to know as it lives. And we take “int” from the word “smart”. And we can put the two or more than two and you get the simple phrase that is central to everything and we do at the Vivint Live Intelligently system.

As one of the leading giving of the smart house of these business technologies, we are known which the industry for our items, creation, and customer proof.


How it all works


Helping families live smart means that we are always working to provide our customers with the latest technology.


We can also work progress with the help of selected numbers of these partners of this software and hardware integrated with ours and you will be finding that a Vivint working system and well known like google and nest are used it of brand products.


All product of services included


The first one is the security system of the home.

Second is the automation system of complete home

The third is security cameras without wire.

Forth is the smallest device of security like garage door openers and smart locks.

Fifth is automated light control and the smarting thermostats.

Sixth is video cameras for the doorbell.

Seventh is sensor detection for theft.

Eight is 24/7 alarm and monitoring.


For people talk


In the Fast business Company ranking upon its list of the Worlds of the 50 greasiest business Companies. Forbes named us one of the best employers in the United States and the best employer for diversity. We have the best place to work on progress with the certification of these business companies of PC Magazine and the Digital Trends and many propose to us.


Vivint returns


Helping people is fundamental to our DNA. We have donated more than $ 18 million and over 200,000 total hours of service to help people in need. While our charitable efforts benefit many people with serious needs or difficulties, our focus is to bring families and technology together to make a significant impact in the lives of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, especially autism spectrum disorder.


Work your way


If unlimited pay, flexible work scheduling, and work-from-home programs are good for you, it will fit right in. We have modern, open floor plans that encourage teamwork as well as workstations while you walk. invigorates the mind and body, and the latest technology to help you succeed.

Resources for Success


Our most valuable assets are our employees and each deserves the best. We offer industry-leading compensation, comprehensive benefits, an on-site medical clinic for employees and their families, as well as all the resources to build long-term professional success.


Work hard, play hard


Here at Vivint, not only will you do the best job of your career, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. You will find table tennis, pool tables, foosball and yew on our campuses. Our full-service on-site gyms, full-size indoor basketball courts, and outdoor sand volleyball court will add spark to your day. Refuel at any of our on-site cafes, where employees always eat free. After work, join us for private concerts of popular bands and musicians, summer carnivals, and incentive trips to great venues.


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