ZHULIAN CORPORATION BERHAD (“ZCB”) is an investment holding company of the ZHULIAN Group of Companies, which has been officially listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since April 27, 2007. Our core business is Multilevel Marketing (MLM) ), with diversified interests in the manufacture and marketing of jewelry, consumer products, and printing.

In 1989, deeply inspired by his vision to establish a 100% Malaysian direct selling company, Mr. TeohBengSeng initially founded ZHULIAN with the establishment of a jewelry manufacturing company and another direct selling company to market and distribute jewelry through business model sales.

Over the years, we have evolved and grown into a group of more than 10 companies. Meanwhile, we have also expanded our product lines from being exclusively costume jewelry to include a wide range of consumer products. Our product categories include fashion jewelry, food and beverage, nutritional supplements powder, tablets or capsules, home care products, home tech appliances, kitchen utensils, personal care products, and therapeutic products. Approximately 80% of our products are developed by our R&D facilities and manufactured in our manufacturing plants.

The company owns 3 high-capacity plants to manufacture its brands of products to meet the growing demands of the local and foreign markets. ZCB’s excellent reputation, commendable record, and strong market presence are the result of years of painstaking effort and teamwork to ensure that we deliver our world-class products and services to uncompromising quality and standards.

In line with our aspiration to create a healthier and better lifestyle among our communities, we are fully dedicated and committed to providing the best in products following international standards.

Our business operations cover Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Our headquarters located in Penang, Malaysia, oversees the operation of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, while our businesses in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia are primarily operated by our associates in Thailand.

We will embrace the future with an ongoing commitment to continue to grow regionally and internationally by leveraging the Company’s strengths and enhancing weaknesses to further expand our existing core businesses to provide brilliant returns on investment for shareholders and increase company revenues. commercial operations. The competitive advantage and advantage of our Company will make the Company embark on a positive and exciting journey to meet new challenges in the future.

Sharing opportunities, creating future

Established since 1989, now with over two decades of strong market position and extensive network size of more than 320 agencies and more than 670,000 Distributors in the Southeast Asia region, ZHULIAN is ready to further develop its MLM network. for the international arena by reaching beyond limits through the promotion of our unique MLM business opportunity.

Our vision

“We aspire to become a respected leader for health and beauty products by gaining customer enthusiasm and trust through continuous improvement driven by innovation, teamwork, and integrity.”

Our mission

We are dedicated to excelling in resource management, product quality, and customer service to ensure that customers continue to value our products, ZHULIAN members will build their businesses, employees will build their careers, and shareholders will build their wealth. The following are seven guiding principles of our business practice:

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